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For School, Collage & University Fees, infrastructures etc.

Medical & Health

For Medical Expenses, Surgery and Medicines etc

Sanitation & Hygiene

For safe and adequate sanitation

Youth & Drugs

For Drugs Free Society Awareness

Women Empowerment

Create funds for women’s empowerment

Youth Employment

Raise funds to help Youth & get them employed


Create Fund for reforestation & ecosystem restoration

Rural Clean Energy

Create Fund for clean energy sources and research.

Clean Drinikng Water

Raise funds for clean drinking water


Raise funds for Agricultural Needs.

Human Trafficking

Create funds to Stop Human Trafficking

Genital Mutilation

Create funds Against Genital Mutilation

Forced Early Marriage

Create funds Against Forced Early Marriage


Create funds to stop Deradicalization

Community Radio

Create funds to setup Community Radio
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ResilienceCrowdFund is Africa’s largest online crowdfunding platform. The purpose of RCF as a donation-based crowdfunding platform to fill a growing void, within the age-old African culture of giving grew on to become a revolution.

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