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Organizing Farmers in Cooperatives To Accelerate their Movement From Poverty to Food Security and Wealth - Cameroon

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  • Problem 
Agriculture is the sector worst affected by climate change. As lands have lost their productive capacity food production and supply have become lower than the demand. Prices are skyrocketing while the purchasing power of the population in both rural and urban areas has shapely dropped. We have few; very few households can afford three-square meals a day. In Nigeria, the areas worst impacted by climate change are equally the worst hit by terrorist attacks. How can these populations living in the double agony raise their heads above the water?
  • Solution 
Climate Change Resilience Foundation (CCRF) has launched a project to empower and organize women and youths in cooperatives to better plan and execute micro-projects in small groups by supporting one another. The Foundation helps in providing small funds and in integrating each member of the cooperative into the financial system through a bank account opening. The project will train them in various sub-sectors of agriculture. One of its main activities is the creation of a link between farmers and the market so as to avoid waste of unsold produce on the side of farmers and stock shortage in the market. This will guarantee a steady income for cooperative members and generate collective and individual wealth.
  • Expected results
This project is expected to generate its first report in 18 months. It will enable 5,000 women and youths, mostly those living in areas seriously affected both by climate change and insurgency, to raise their heads above the water and stand, financially on their feet. Unemployment will be drastically reduced because each member of the cooperative will be empowered to the extent of supporting at least one new person. Some youths have already started receiving their empowerment fund and are sharing their testimonies. 
  • Budget
S/N Line Item Budget Unit Cost
1 Empowerment 5,000 members $ 600,000
2 Human Resources 5 $ 30,000
3 Supervision and field visits’ Vehicles 2 $ 150,000
4 Overhead 10% $78,000
Grand total $858,000
  Contact Information:
  • Organization Name: Climate Change Resilience Foundation (CCRF)
  • Contact Name: Michel Haman Aoudi
  • Address: No 9 Asamankese Street, off Mambolo Street, Wuse Wone 2, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Venue: 20 Crisis-Rocked Local Governments in Nigeria
  • Contact Title: Founder
  • Contact E-mail:
  • Phone: +2348062141794
  • Website: 
  •  Project Site: 5 States in the North East as North West of Nigeria.
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