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Guaranteeing Sustainable Food Security For Cameroon/Nigeria Border Communities

Guaranteeing Sustainable Food Security For Cameroon/Nigeria Border Communities

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Kerewa, Achigachia, and Banki, and tens of other villages are hosts of refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) located on both sides of the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. They have started using the surroundings of their camps for farms and places for small businesses for their survival because the safety required for their return to their homes is not yet guaranteed. The host communities cannot yet access their farms because the menace of the terror group, Boko Haram is not yet very far away. Climate change has severely impacted the harvests of the year 2022; they were particularly bad; consequently, hunger and starvation have put families in extremely precarious situations. 


Climate Change Resilience Foundation (CCRF) embarked on a fundraising campaign with an organized youth group to urgently provide food to and salvage at least 1,000 people from hunger. The long-term project that will bring a lasting solution to the challenges faced by the people will start with participative work of selecting, screening, and organizing women and youths in groups of 25 and training them for 4 days in the areas of their choices: agriculture, driving, catering, market garden, the riding of motorcycle, tailoring, and shopkeeping.


The above actions will give a very big relief to many households on both the Nigerian and Cameroonian sides. The intervention will certainly generate income for thousands of youths and women in the regions. It will encourage the return of hundreds of Boko Haram members and their integration into their communities. These communities are yearning for peace. Lasting peace. BUDGET
S/N Activities Budget
1 Registration and screening $1,000
2 Purchase of food (sorghum, maize, rice, beans…) $62,000
3 Distribution of food items $1,000
5 Purchase of empowerment Items $100,000
6 Training $10,000
7 Supervision for  3 months $4,000
8 Grand Total $178,000
  •  Organization Name:  Climate Change Resilience Foundation (CCRF) 
  • Contact Name: MICHEL HAMAN AOUDI
  • Address: No 9 Asamankese Street, off Mambolo Street, Wuse Wone 2, Abuja, Nigeria 
  • Contact Title: Founder, +2348062141794 
  • Contact E-mail:
  • Website: 
  • Project Location: Border communities between Nigeria and Cameroon, Kerewa, Banki, and neighboring villages.   


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