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Fundraising for setting up a crèche in Ndjamena, Republic of Chad

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Fundraising for setting up a crèche in Ndjamena, Republic of Chad

In the entire N’djamena, the capital of the Republic of Chad, there is no single befitting Institution, whether private or public, that can take care of children between the ages of 3 to 24 months at working hours when their mothers are at work. Most of the time, the care of the children is entrusted to underage family members who don’t have any knowledge of handling and offering care to a baby, and they end up developing all types of diseases due most especially to poor hygiene.


JECSMM SARL and Climate Change Resilience Foundation (CCRF) have come together to raise funds for the creation of a crèche to accommodate the children while their mothers are at work. The crèche will be managed by trained personnel who will feed the children at the right time and offer them games relevant to their ages.

Expected outcomes

This crèche will offer the children a conducive environment for their mental and physical growth. It will enable working mothers to concentrate in their various working places and offer better services to their employers and their customers.


S/N Items Costs
1 Building $20,000
2 Equipment $15,000
3 Personnel $15,000
4 Administration 10%
Grand Total $55,000
Contact persons Name:  Ndjogne Koulouar Michel Haman Aoudi Tel:  +235 66 28 91 59 +234 806 2141794 e-mail: Project site: N’djamena


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